Dhanraj Malik - Prince of Zainabad - Visiting London : The Salt Children of Akaash Ganga
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Dhanraj Malik - Prince of Zainabad - Visiting London

by Trevor Krueger on 07/08/11

The Founder and daily organiser of Akaash Ganga, Dhanraj Malik is coming to London to help raise funds for the Salt Children.

A quiet and humble man doing what he can to help those who cannot help themselves.

So far he has done a wonderful job and many lives have been changed and even saved by his efforts to provide shelter, food and education to the orphans of the Salt Pans in the Rhaan of Kutch.

This site has been built to help him raise the essential funds he needs to carry on the work of Akaash Ganga, home of The Salt Children, but raising funds isn't easy.

So far, reaction has been very slow and donations sparse. We desperately need your help. We can only ask for support and hope you will wish to give it.

A donation of any kind is welcome, large or small.

If you can help in any way please please get in touch.

If you wish to send a cheque please do... we would love to receive it. The children's future literally depends on it. Right now they need many improvements to shelter, classrooms, food supplies, clothing - everything. Right now they have the added problem of a major drought to deal with which threatens the future of both people and livestock.

That's why they need your help;

Make your donation payable to:

Global Ambassador

Send your donation to:

F.A.O. Trevor Krueger, 42 Heighams, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5NU England

All we can say is Please send what you can and Thank You for doing so...

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Emails and Letters...

"Greetings from Royal Safari Camp Bajana,
Sir, your valuable efforts will definitely change the future of the salt children because without education nothing is possible".
Parvez Khan (Bajana - India)

"What a wonderful worthwhile project, I take my hat off to you, congratulations.  I would love to go and be part of it all..."
Susan Marinic (Croatia)

"You are really great and wonderful human. I'm learning from you. I have no idea what can I do but will make effort to help you & World".
Soohoon. Lim (Sth Korea)

"Trevor: What part did you play in this production? It is very good indeed. I will review it again and see what I can do to help. Maybe some churches in this area will be part of the effort".
Doug Lambert (USA)